Gina Fluharty

Embrace the Beast Within

13 Random Facts

  1.  "Bacon makes everything better" is her cooking mantra.
  2.  She wears demon horns to brunch. Portland is weird, after all.
  3.  One of her best friends is an opera singer. 
  4.  You can't spell Gina without G-I-N.
  5.  Ghosts are real.
  6.  She's too old to shout out "I'm a Cougar!" even though she went to WSU.
  7.  Driving over the speed limit is requisite.
  8.  Swears profusely because she enjoys the flavor.
  9.  Is always armed even if she's not carrying a weapon.
  10.  Wears a lot of black and grey not because it's slimming but because she wants to.
  11.  Only listens to country when she's truly pissed off. Watch out if she's humming Garth Brooks.
  12.  Believes that everyone needs a Happily Ever After.
  13.  Is grateful to all the readers that made it this far. Hopefully, you're a fan and not a stalker.

© Gina Fluharty. Photography by Mark Montoya. All rights reserved.