Gina Fluharty

Embrace the Beast Within

Holy Hell it Happened

I got a contract! And since publication is imminent, I need a place to let people know the latest and greatest so here it is. I'm not a huge fan of blogging, so fear not, I won't be spamming the interwebs with random information every day.

November 1st, 2016 is the planned release date for my debut novel, Banshee's Bite. It's technically the second in my series, which means as soon as Banshee is rampaging through the world, I'll be fixing the roaring dumpster fire that will be the prequel. Hopefully, that won't take long and I can continue to captivate and engage you, Darling Reader.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you need a daily dose of chaos. Cute animal pics, snarky comments, and book recommendations comprise my feed.

And now, since I'm still in the midst of edits, I must flee.

Be well. Be healthy. Blessed Be!

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